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Sacha and Ari

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

It all began in the summer of 2020… a tumultuous time for many of us! I (Sacha) had relocated to Fernie to reset after ending a 10 year chapter in Vancouver. One fine day, I came into Ari’s store (Good Earth Natural Alternatives) to do some shopping for Mom’s supplement. Short on company and long on time, I stayed and chatted with Ari about stones and travel amongst other things. We decided we would go on a road trip together later that summer to Vancouver and the Island for Ari’s annual crystal shopping trip.

A few weeks go by in Fernie, and what began as a beautiful friendship, grew into a budding romance. Ari had brought Sacha down to the “old standing wave” on Al Philips property and we enjoyed the sun, the water and the company. However on the way back, Ari (in his true spirit of adventure) decided to take a different path home…resulting in a 3 hour bush whacking adventure in flip flops and sarongs no less! We may have lost our way in the woods that day but we found solace in each other!

Although we have just celebrated our 3rd anniversary (our wedding day will mark our 4th) we have grown immensely as individuals as well as a couple and now, a family! From climbing mountain tops, learning to mountain bike together, kayaking the river and raising our daughter Zoe, we are so grateful for our life together and look forward to celebrate our love with you all!